LG's latest notebook LCDs feature embedded touch sensors

LG is set to begin mass production of its Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) displays for notebooks. This technology embeds touch sensors within the LCD panel itself, in contrast to the traditional method of sandwiching a touch sensor layer between the display and its cover.

Devices with AIT panels should be both thinner and lighter. LG claims a 1-mm reduction in thickness and a weight reduction of 200g versus a traditional 15.6" 1080p panel—savings of 25% and 35%, respectively. Omitting the touch layer provides other benefits, as well: LG claims that AIT displays will be brighter and clearer due to reduced light loss and internal reflection. The company claims to have agreements to supply 14.4" and 15.6" AIT panels to "several global notebook PC brands." It'll be interesting to see whether these new panels make a noticeable difference.

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