Logitech shows off new logo, introduces Logi brand

These days, companies seem to be all about reinventing themselves. Today, it's Logitech's turn. The company has unveiled a new corporate identity and logo, along with a new product line called Logi. First, have a look at the new logo in all of its glory:

Logitech says it's been working behind the scenes to reinvent itself for some time, with a renewed focus on design. To that end, the company hired its first chief design officer, Alastair Curtis, back in 2013, and it says design will be central to its strategy going forward. Here's a video demonstrating the company's new identity:

There's not much info on the Logi product line, however. The company says we'll see products bearing that moniker in both new and existing categories, and it's posted a teaser picture of some blue rectangular thing on its blog. We should learn what it is soon, as Logitech claims that the first Logi product is "just around the corner."

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