Jobs' job: CEO; Mac's OS: MacOS X

Steve Jobs finally let the other shoe drop at MacWhirled yesterday, announcing to no one's surprise that he was no longer an "interim" CEO at Apple over two years into his tenure. During that time, he's really turned the company around, most by making sound business and marketing decisions. However, the technology end of the equation isn't totally being neglected, as the next-gen OS X is set to ship on new Macs a year from now. What futuristic technologies are slated for MacOS X? Try this:
Sure to be appetizing to Linux users, MacOS X is open-source, and uses some FreeBSD code in its kernel, called Darwin. It is crash-resistant, using compartmental techniques to keep the system running even if an application crashes.
Only a year from now, Mac users will be catapulated into the a new era, inheriting an OS with protected memory, a mix of new and old APIs, a steely blue look, and an Internet Explorer browser.

If any of you want to get there early, I have an old copy of Win95 around here somewhere..

(I try to be nice. I really do.)

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