FirePro S9170 mates Hawaii GPU with 32GB of RAM

AMD has announced the FirePro S9170, its new flagship "server GPU." This new model comes with 32GB of GDDR5 memory onboard, double that of the previous FirePro S9150, on a 512-bit bus for a claimed 320GB/s of throughput. With all that GDDR5 memory, it's a pretty safe bet that Fiji is not a good candidate for this market, given its memory capacity restraints. The extra RAM is supposed to improve the performance of applications that need to keep large data sets as close to the GPU as possible.

The passively-cooled S9170 boasts theoretical performance ratings of 5.24 TFLOPS for single precision workloads and 2.62 TFLOPS for double precision calcuations, which is good for approximately a 3% improvement over the S9150. AMD only talks about raw performance numbers in the FirePro S9170's announcement and product listing, and does not disclose the number of compute units onboard. Based on the Newegg listing for the FirePro S9150, which has 2,816 compute units and only slighly lower performance ratings, it seems the new card may be based on the same Hawaii GPU as the consumer R9 290 and R9 390 series.

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