Catalyst 15.7 drivers enable FreeSync with CrossFire

AMD released its Catalyst 15.7 graphics drivers today. This WHQL driver enables FreeSync with CrossFire multi-GPU setups, and it's also supposed to provide some Windows 10 feature support like HEVC decode for Xbox Video Player, game streaming from Xbox One consoles to the PC, and WDDM 2.0.

Other features in the new release include Frame Rate Target Control, which can reduce power consumption and lower heat output by capping frame rates. FRTC was previously available for certain 300-series cards in the Catalyst 15.15 beta, and it's now available on 200-series hardware. Support for Virtual Super Resolution is also being expanded, and it'll now work with Radeon R7 260X cards and better. VSR will also work with integrated Radeon graphics on AMD A6-7400K APUs and better.

Astute readers will note that the version number would appear to mark this as an older driver than the Catalyst 15.15 drivers initially supplied with AMD's R9 390X and R9 Fury graphics cards. Despite the version 15.7 labeling, this is a newer driver that would be represented internally at AMD as version 15.20.

Radeon owners can download the Catalyst 15.7 driver here.

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