OCZ's Trion SSDs use TLC NAND to deliver affordable capacity

OCZ is introducing a new family of SSDs today. These Trion 100-series drives feature TLC flash based on the same Toshiba A19 19-nm NAND we've come to know and love, and the primary benefit should be lower prices all around. OCZ hasn't used its own Barefoot controllers in these drives—the Trion 100s use a Toshiba-branded brain instead.

Here's the Trion 100 lineup, along with OCZ's performance specifications:

Capacity Max sequential (MB/s) Max 4KB random (IOps) Sustained 4KB
write IOps
Price $/GB
Read Write Read Write
120GB 550 450 79k 25k 2.2k $59.99 $0.49
240GB 550 520 90k 43k 3.2k $89.99 $0.37
480GB 550 530 90k 54k 3.2k $179.99 $0.37
960GB 550 530 90k 64k 3.6k $369.99 $0.39

 The Trions' claimed performance figures for sequential reads and writes are pretty close to those of the MLC-based Vector 180, and superior in some cases to the MLC-based Arc 100. The Trions' random write performance is slower overall, however, and the hit is especially evident in the sustained 4KB write department.

Those random and sustained write figures are ameliorated a bit by the suggested price for each drive. The Trions are firmly in the affordable SSD category, starting at $60 for the 120GB version and topping out at $370 for the 960GB flavor. Those prices put the Trion 100 series in direct contention with Crucial's BX100 MLC drives. In other words, the new Trions could be an attractive option for those on a budget. OCZ backs up these drives with a three-year warranty, and it includes the same ShieldPlus cross-shipping return arrangement as with its more expensive drives.

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