Gartner, IDC find that PC shipments continue to decline

According to new research from both Gartner and IDC, worldwide PC shipments continued their decline in Q2 2015. The firms differ on the degree of the shrinkage. Gartner estimates that worldwide PC shipments fell 9.5%, while IDC's results show an 11.8% decline when compared to the same quarter a year ago. Both firms noted that PC shipments were down slightly more than expected, and they both expect continued declines for the rest of this year, with slow, steady growth set to resume in 2016 and beyond.

The firms do generally agree on the largest players in the PC market. Both show Lenovo on top worldwide with around 20% of the market, followed by HP and Dell. The big three companies account for approximately 55% of the market. All three of the biggest players' worldwide shipments declined when compared to this quarter last year.

PC shipments declined in the United States, as well, though the dip wasn't as dramatic. IDC believes that the US market shrank by 3.3% year-over-year, while Gartner pegs the decline at 5.8%. The two firms show that in the US, HP and Dell hold the top two spots, respectively, with Apple and Lenovo wrestling over third place.

Apple's results are a standout compared to the rest of the market. IDC found that the company's shipments grew 16% worldwide compared to this time last year, along with an 11.8% increase in US shipments.

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