Report: Apple reaps 92% of all smartphone profits

Apple makes money hand over fist and water is wet, but just how wet Apple's water is can still be something to behold. Citing an estimate from financial services firm Canaccord Genuity, a report from the Wall Street Journal says Apple raked in 92% of all smartphone profits in Q1 2015, dwarfing second-place Samsung's 15% share—a number that may soon dwindle further.  Apple turned in those profit figures while selling less than 20% of all handsets worldwide.

The more mathematically inclined might notice that 92%+15%=107%, but these figures take all of the smartphone losers into account, with both Lenovo (whose numbers include results from subsidiary Motorola in Canaccord's totals) and Microsoft bringing up the rear with losses. 

The WSJ cites Apple's higher price stickers as the main differentiator. Compared to the same time a year ago, the average selling price of an iPhone has actually increased, possibly due to the iPhone 6 Plus and its $749-and-up asking price. The WSJ's report also draws attention to Apple's performance in the PC market, where its numbers are similarly lopsided. There, Apple makes half of all industry profits while selling roughly 6% of all PCs.

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