Firefox temporarily blocks Adobe Flash as vulnerabilites mount

If you use Firefox, and you've noticed a bunch of dire security warnings about Flash being disabled this morning, there's a reason for that. Mozilla's chief of support Mark Schmidt has made a tweet stating that all versions of Flash are currently blocked by default in its browser. Don't rejoice too much, though—Schmidt later clarified that the block is only in place until Adobe releases a patched version, as per Mozilla's usual policy.

The block comes hot on the heels of new vulnerabilities in both Flash and Java, courtesy of Hacking Team's, er, hack. Adding to the fire, Facebook's chief security officer Alex Stamos recently called for Adobe to officially announce an end-of-life date for Flash, and for browser makers to collectively enforce such a date.

This latest hate-fest is hardly the first time Flash has come under fire by the security community. Only 10.6% of sites still use the plugin, and many others have turned to HTML5 technologies for animation and video. Given that Flash's list of vulnerabilities is the size of a Kardashian behind, one can only hope its demise is drawing a little nearer.

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