K|NGP|N shows off his upcoming EVGA GTX 980 Ti card

Overclockin' man K|NGP|N (Vince Lucido) has shown off a few teaser pictures of the custom GeForce GTX 980 Ti card he's preparing in partnership with EVGA. It's not the first time Lucido and EVGA have designed custom graphics cards together, and this one looks to be as extreme as its predecessors.

Source: K|NGP|IN forums

There's not much hard information on the card yet, but Lucido states that its design is focused on overclocking with the help of liquid nitrogen. Even for those whose cards will never see the bottom of a cryo-pot, there's an unhealthy dosage of copper heatpipes and fins mounted on a custom-designed PCB, along with special cooling plates for the RAM and VRMs. Three PCIe power connectors—two eight-pin and one six-pin—let the juice flow into the card as the MHz figures rise.

Source: K|NGP|IN forums

Probably just to one-up AMD and its AUSUM switch, Lucido has also included not one, but two extra BIOSes in the card, meant for "regular" and liquid-cooled overclocking, respectively. A detailed overclocking guide will be released with the card, covering subjects from voltages to liquid nitrogen cooling. As befits any gamer product worth its salt these days, Lucido's 980 Ti comes with customizable RGB LEDs, which are probably overclockable too.

There's no word on pricing or release date yet, but past K|NGP|N cards have carried hefty premiums, and all that copper can't be cheap. We'll keep an eye out for more info.

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