MS ends support for Server 2003, Security Essentials on XP

Heads up, Windows sysadmins and users everywhere. This is a friendly reminder to let you know that Microsoft has finally stopped providing definition updates for its Security Esssentials anti-malware application for Windows XP. One hopes that the move will serve as another prod for extra-stubborn users to move off the obsolete operating system, which still accounts for a whopping 12% of desktop users, according to Net Market Share.

Perhaps more importantly, Windows Server 2003 has also reached its end-of-life threshold: its extended support period ended yesterday. Windows Server 2003 served us well for 12 years, but systems running it are now ticking time bombs, as they'll no longer receive security updates. Some Server 2003 boxes could still be in control of entire networks, making an infected system a much more dangerous problem than a few compromised client machines.

Of course, none of this should be news to those who have been paying attention. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP early last year, and it maintains a Windows Server 2003 lifecycle page for system administrators. So please, if you know anyone that still uses these operating sytems, kindly ask them to upgrade.

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