Choose your own adventure with the latest Just Cause 3 trailer

We've taken a look at a few trailers for Just Cause 3 already at TR, and they've all looked like a lot of fun. Today, Avalanche Studios has put a new twist on the game trailer genre: the latest teaser for JC3 allows viewers to choose their own path through the wide range of options the game offers for tearing stuff down and blowing things up.

You can start your own explosive journey with this video. Click one of the on-screen options presented at the end of video to continue.

My trail of destruction included pulling down a statue of the game's oppressive dictator antagonist with a turbo-charged tractor, blowing up a refinery with a stolen fighter jet, destroying a key bridge with a hijacked gunboat, and other stunts. I'm guessing that no matter what path you take, your journey will end in an orgiastic show of destruction at a critical communications station.

Along the way, Avalanche shows new tricks for star Rico Rodriguez's grapple, alongside a wingsuit that should make traversing the huge open world a little easier. The game looks gorgeous, too, so waiting for its December 1 premiere just got a little tougher.

Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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