Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 10240, may be RTM

Microsoft has announced the availability of the latest Windows 10 preview build, version 10240, and the company's blog post about the new release offers some interesting tidbits. It's described as being "one step closer to what customers will start to receive on 7/29", and it's been made available in both the Fast and Slow update rings. Users installing the latest build will notice that the version indicator and evaluation watermark on the desktop is gone. Furthermore, The Verge reports that "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans" say the company is marking this build as release to manufacturing (RTM), meaning that PC makers can start installing it on new machines.

On top of that, Microsoft announced last Monday that this and future builds will only be available through Windows Update. All of the above, plus the two-week window until the July 29 launch day, lend some credence to speculation that this build is in fact the version of Windows 10 we'll see at release. So, what do you think? If you've installed this build, we're interested to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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