Cougar's 550M mouse lights up your life with 16 million colors

Mouse preference is a personal choice. We all have different hands and our own personalities. Some mice are utilitarian, while others feature customizable shapes and sensorsCougar's 550M eschews all that and cranks the bling to eleven. Sure, it ticks all the right boxes: it has a braided cable, a 6400-dpi optical sensor, and on-the-fly-adjustable DPI levels. The six buttons can be customized using Cougar's UIX software, and personal settings (including macros) can be stored in any of three onboard profiles. That's all pretty standard fare for a gaming mouse, though.

The glow of the two-tone backlight system, on the other hand, shows everybody how 1337 you are. The 3-stage DPI indicator LEDs and a strip under the palm rest each hold independently-tunable lights that you can set to any of a palette of 16.8 million colors. 

The 550M is set to be available world-wide in late July or early August with a suggested price of $59, and it'll be available in gray and metallic blue finishes. 

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