Oculus acquires hand-tracking company Pebbles Interfaces

Witness the power of Facebook's ever-growing bankroll. Oculus has acquired Israeli computer vision experts Pebbles Interfaces, a company that specializes in hand-tracking technology. Here's a handy demo:

Oculus says Pebbles has spent the last five years developing custom optics, sensors, and software to track hand motion—all of which seems like a natural fit for Oculus' growing vision and motion tracking technology portfolio, which already includes acquisitions like Nimble VR and Surreal Vision.

The company thinks the acquisition will "help advance virtual reality, tracking, and human-computer interactions." Figuring out how to let users interact with VR is still an open problem. Oculus showed off prototypes of its Touch controller technology in June, but a solution like Pebbles' could allow users to manipulate their surroundings without hand-held controllers.

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