1. VIA offers $1 million donation to the United States
  2. SysOpt on intermingling tech and disaster news
  3. Electic Tech reports on NVIDIA's stock split
  4. accelenation has a transcript of Peter Molyneux's presentation on Creature Isles & Black&White2
    and a report from ECTS2001
  5. EverythingUSB on Imation FlashGO-J & FlashGO-Multi
    and Fujifilm FinePix 2800 Zoom digital camera
  6. SourceMagazine's 15 minutes with Steel Soldiers
  7. accelenation reviews American McGee's Alice
Systems and multimedia

  1. Overclocker Cafe gives away Duron 1GHz
  2. SocketA reviews ECS K7VTA3
  3. Digit Life's i845 motherboards roundup: part I
  4. New BIOS files for EPoX EP-8K7A/+ and EP-8KTA3 with support for Athlon XP
    (thanks SocketA)
  5. SysOpt reviews ECS AG315T video card
  6. Cooler-Computer reviews Samsung SM-308 DVD/CD-RW combo drive
Cases and cooling

  1. GamePC reviews Coolermaster ATC-210 case
  2. GideonTech reviews Super Power Zephyr KS201 case
  3. Hardware Extreme reviews Wahoo Computer's modded Lian Li PC-60 case
  4. PCrivals on reducing heat inside INWIN's Q500 case
  5. INSANEWB has modded Senfu waterblock (in Italian)
  6. I am not a geek's Socket A coolers roundup
  7. bluescreenofdeth reviews Swiftech MC-462BA HSF
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