CaseLabs retracts Thermaltake rip-off accusations

Boutique case maker CaseLabs has apologized to Thermaltake for accusations that Thermaltake violated patents and ripped off the designs of its products. As we reported in June, CaseLabs previously posted a comparison between Thermaltake's W Series and its own Merlin S8 cases, both of which have external add-ons that can sit above or below the main PC case.

The apology letter retracts CaseLabs' claims that the PC component giant violated patents that CaseLabs could not afford to defend. Those patent claims turned out to be nonexistent. CaseLabs' president, James Keating and vice president Kevin Keating admit in the letter that the threats of patent litigation "were misleading, because they implied that CaseLabs actually owned patents, which it does not." The company also apologizes for "accusing Thermaltake of 'stealing' anything." 

CaseLabs also sent a letter to Nathan Kirsch of LegitReviews, asking the site to remove its excerpt of the Facebook post that sparked this incident in the first place. LegitReviews has apparently complied with that request. The site also added CaseLabs' letter to its original post on the story. 

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