Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2 brings the thin in August

If Google's Nexus 9 tablet is too thick and heavy for your meager arms to hold, Samsung has a cure in the form of its Galaxy Tab S2 tablets. Despite measuring in at a mere 5.6mm (or 0.22") thick, Samsung's follow-ups to the Galaxy Tab S line pack in the features while weighing as little as 265g (or 9.3 oz) for the eight-inch model, or 389g (or 13.7 oz) for the 9.7" version.

The Tab S2s trade in the Tab S's 2560x1600 displays for squarer 2048x1536 vistas, along with smaller diagonals of 8" and 9.7." These siblings match the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 in both screen size and resolution. Both of Samsung's tablets use the company's own Super AMOLED displays. It remains to be seen whether they'll live up to the quality of last year's panels, which DisplayMate proclaimed the best tablet screens ever.

Outside of their overall size, the Galaxy Tab S2 models have very similar features, including eight-core SoCs, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB or 64GB of storage alongside a slots for microSD cards up to 128GB in size. Both tablets also feature integrated fingerprint readers, eight-megapixel rear cameras and 2.1 megapixel front selfie shooters, along with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and optional cellular connectivity. Android 5.0 (presumably with TouchWiz) runs the show.

Samsung hasn't released pricing info for these slates, but they'll be available worldwide starting in August.

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