Morning, folks. Hope you had a good weekend. I actually took the whole span to rest and not work, which doesn't always happen around here. I got to hang out with some old friends and rest, which was wonderful. Now I'm back to the, uh, grind of overclocking video cards for review. Yeah, it's tough.

Some of you have expressed worry, in the wake of Jordan saying goodbye on the last podcast, about the status of the site. All I can tell you is that the recent departures of three key people were individual decisions made by them, not prompted by us. I know the human brain loves to find meaning in patterns, but that's really all there is to it. I think we were really lucky to hang on to Jordan as long as we did given the amount of change in his life since he started with us.

I suppose I should point out again that keeping good people for spans of over seven years is not the norm in web publishing, especially in tech. The amount of turnover here at TR is exceptionally low compared to any publication remotely like us, so when change happens, it seems like a big deal. But not every place has a guy like Jeff Kampman on deck, with a year of direct experience, ready to step in when needed—or folks like Ben and Bruno who are interested in becoming writers. We have been very fortunate with our staffing situation and continue to be. We may be looking to add more contributors soon, but first, we need to ramp up some new folks we already have in process.

I would say more, but I have an article to edit. Darn content just keeps coming.

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