Apple Watch satisfies owners; non-techies love it most

Nobody outside of Cupertino really knows how many Watches Apple has sold, but the people who own them appear to be quite satisfied with their purchases. According to a recent poll of 1,000 Watch owners by Wristly (full PDF), 97% of respondents are at least "somewhat satisified" with their Apple Watch, while 67% are very satisified or delighted. Wristly broke out respondents by occupation, too. 53% of those surveyed have non-tech-related jobs, and 34% are technology workers (referred to as "tech insiders"). A further 9% are app developers. Across the spectrum, all owners gave their Watches higher marks than the first generation iPhone or iPad.

While the respondents as a whole like their Watches well enough, the non-techies in the Wristly survey give it the highest marks. 73% of respondents who identify as "non-tech users" indicated they're very satisfied or delighted with the device. On the other hand, only 43% of app developers thought the watch was worthy of the highest marks, while 54% of them said they were merely somewhat satisfied. Those in non-development tech professions ended up in the middle, with 63% of those Watch owners expressing utter delight. 

The survey polls owners on specific aspects of the wearable, as well. The vast majority are extremely satisfied with the Watch's build quality, appearance, and design, and they also find its features fairly easy to use. Respondents are less enthusiastic about Apple's help and support options, and only 28% say they're very satisfied with the device's battery life and performance (though another 48% say they're somewhat satisfied with those areas).

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