Samsung says data-eating TRIM bug is a Linux kernel problem

Remember that potential TRIM bug in Samsung drives we reported on a few weeks ago? It may not be Samsung's fault, after all. Samsung and developer Algolia have been working together to try and get to the root of things, and after weeks of work, Samsung is blaming the problem on a bug in the Linux kernel. An update to the blog post in which Algolia first broke news of the problem says "Samsung [has reached] a concrete conclusion that the issue is not related to Samsung SSD or Algolia software, but is related to the Linux kernel."

Algolia says Samsung has developed a patch for the Linux kernel that solves the problem. The patch was set to be released to the Linux community on July 18, along with Samsung's official statement on the matter and details of the issue, but as of today (July 21), the patch has apparently not been released. We'll try and get our hands on a copy of the statement to see what's up when it arrives.

Thanks again to our anonymous tipster for the heads-up.

(Updated at 8:20 PM on 7/21/2015 to account for the fact that it is not, in fact, July 17.) 

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