KOTOR 2 update brings bug fixes, Linux and widescreen support

Outside of MMOs and Blizzard games, we rarely hear of a decade-year-old game getting an official patch, but here we are. Publisher Aspyr breathed some life into Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords yesterday with not just a patch, but also support for Linux and the Mac.

The new patch adds a bevy of features along with the newly supported operating systems. Aspyr has added support for native widescreen resolutions (including 4K and 5K) and game controllers. Steam features are along for the ride as well: perks like cloud saves, achievements, and Steam Workshop are all present. Aspyr specifically noted that it worked with the Restored Content Mod Team to ensure that their mod, which restores content famously cut from the game, still works with the updated version. Perhaps to celebrate the update, KOTOR 2 is currently $7.50 on Steam, 25% off the normal price.

While Obsidian Entertainment was the original developer of KOTOR 2, Aspyr was responsible for publishing the Android and iOS versions of the original Knights of the Old Republic around that game's tenth anniversary, leading one to wonder if this patch might herald similar mobile ports of the sequel.

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