PCWorld's Win10 review dives deep into the upcoming OS

In case you've been living under a rock, Windows 10 is coming. PCWorld senior editor Mark Hachman's in-depth review of Windows 10 is worth reading to get up to speed on the new operating system.

Hachman's review covers some familiar additions. The Start Menu has returned, and it blends in some Live Tiles from Windows 8. Virtual assistant Cortana has made the jump from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10, as well. Apps returning from Windows 8 get new looks as well as additional features. The Calendar app gains Google Calendar support, for example.

Windows 10 isn't all about familiarity, however. Windows Hello is a new login system that works with depth-sensing cameras, fingerprint readers, and other biometric identification methods to authenticate you with your PC. Hachman notes that many new interface features work well, such as the new Task View, which shows you open applications and allows you to switch among virtual desktops (another new addition). Continuum, which seamlessly switches between desktop and mobile interfaces for convertible devices, rates highly, as does the deep OneDrive integration. The new notifications interface is another bright spot. This view not only shows the usual up-to-the-minute messages about your Tweets and Facebook posts, but also offers quick access to common utilities like networking and do-not-disturb settings.

On the flip side, Hachman says several features feel unpolished. He calls out the stark contrast between the Modern UI in "Universal" apps and older-looking desktop apps. The Windows Store doesn't clearly distinguish between desktop and universal apps, and app descriptions are purportedly a mess of confusing jargon. The new Edge browser is lacking, he says, because its performance doesn't measure up to other browsers like Chrome. Edge also doesn't support extensions right now.

Based on our current poll, it seems many users are ready to jump into Windows 10. Upgrades start rolling out on July 29 at the low, low cost of free during the first year of availability.

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