The TR Podcast 181 video: in which we avoid talking about Skylake

We recorded the latest episode of The Tech Report Podcast last night, and it's an eventful episode. We welcomed new host Luke McCready and contributor Ben Funk to the show, talked about Scott's shiny new microphone, examined the fortunes of Apple and Qualcomm, and discussed our parts picks for the latest TR System Guide. We also talked a lot about buffalo, for reasons. If you missed our stream last night, settle in and catch up with the YouTube version:

0:23: The new guys
5:18: The TR BBQ
10:25: Radeon R9 Fury and R9 Fury X availability check
15:20: Apple revenues grow
25:42: Qualcomm cuts 4,500 jobs
35:51: Asus' ZenFone 2E
41:25: Xbox One may get PC game streaming
49:05: Buffalo
55:47: Where are CPU gains useful?
1:03:08: Integrated Graphics
1:08:00: The TR System Guide
1:24:05: Integrated graphics and GPUs working together
1:28:15: Status of Thunderbolt?

As always, we'll post a fully edited audio version of the podcast when it becomes available. Thanks again to our loyal live audience, and we'll see you all again next week.

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