Razer purchases Ouya's software platform and technical team

Razer has purchased Android game console maker Ouya's software assets, app store and games library. Ouya's software development and technical staff will be joining Razer, as well. The company plans to relaunch Ouya's software platform under the name Cortex for Android TV, and it plans to publish games and other Android TV content under the Ouya name. Financial details of the deal weren't disclosed.

The sale of the company looks like the end of the line for the Ouya console. Razer says it "isn't retaining interest in Ouya's hardware or other related assets." Current Ouya owners will receive substantial discounts toward Razer's own Forge TV set-top box, and they'll be able to transfer their games, controllers, and accounts to the Forge TV, as well.

The Forge TV itself is an Android TV box in the vein of Google's Nexus Player and Nvidia's Shield Android TV. Razer promised vendor-agnostic PC game streaming through the Forge TV under the Cortex: Stream moniker, but that feature has been "coming soon" ever since the box's launch. For what it's worth, the Forge TV has been brutally savaged by user reviews on Amazon, partially because of this missing feature.

Razer seems to hope that the Ouya acquisition will give its set-top box software a shot in the arm. In its press release, Razer says it plans "significant development to the Forge TV Android micro-console," and it believes the acquisition will help it attract more developers to the Android TV platform. 

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