TechInsights dissects the R9 Fury X's HBM interface

Before the Fiji chip in AMD's Radeon R9 Fury X and R9 Fury graphics cards was revealed, we knew quite a bit about its high-bandwidth memory (HBM) tech. Now that those cards have been released, TechInsights has dissected the Fury family's unique memory architecture. EETimes has a meaty taste of the full report, including several close-up photos of the insides of the HBM and GPU dies.

The report shows how SK Hynix built and connected groups of memory dies to build each stacked HBM module, down to the oxide bonds. Another photo shows the 2,100 through-silicon via (TSV) connections used to connect the package to the GPU through the substrate. TechInsights uses some of SK Hynix's previously-published documents to explain how Hynix likely built the memory.

The level of detail is dizzying to me, and I haven't even read the full report. The photos and analysis do go a long way to make me appreciate some of the complexity of the bleeding-edge technology that we stuff into PC enclosures.

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