Gigabyte GTX 970 Twin-Turbo cooler moves more air in SLI

Gigabyte is bringing blower-style coolers back with its newest GTX 970 Twin-Turbo (or GV-N970TTOC-4GD, if you're not a fan of nicknames.) The Twin-Turbo card is based on a short GTX 970 PCB with a blower-style HSF, which might sound boring at first. What makes this variant distinctive is its dual air intakes: one above the fan, one below.

Gigabyte says this cooler is ideal for SLI setups, which tend to cause airflow issues—especially in triple or quad-SLI configurations. The company claims this cooler is good for 24% more airflow and 29% better cooling performance, presumably versus reference designs.

The Twin Turbo comes with 4GB of VRAM, and users can select two GPU clock settings: "OC Mode" sets 1101 MHz base and 1241 MHz boost clocks, while the "Gaming Mode" is less aggressive, at 1076 Mhz and 1216 MHz respectively. Memory clocks remain at the stock 7010 MHz. The whole contraption is 10.5" (266 mm) long, and the card only needs a single 8-pin PCIe connector.

We have to note that this card is eerily reminscent of Asus' Turbo GeForce GTX 970, but since we're all grown-ups, we would never think to point and chuckle.

We've contacted Gigabyte for official pricing and availability information, and will update this post once we hear back.

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