G.Skill prepares for Skylake with 4GT/s DDR4 memory

Those of you interested in building a new Skylake-based system once Intel's newest CPUs launch will need DDR4 memory, but why just buy plain old DDR4 memory when you can get DDR4 memory? G.Skill has just updated its memory lineup with the Trident Z and Ripjaws V series of DIMMs. The company claims that the fastest Trident Z kits are the first capable of running at speeds of 4,000 MT/s. 

The headliner of G.Skill's new offerings is the Trident Z series, available at speeds betwen 2,800 MT/s and 4,000 MT/s. G.Skill says the Trident Z family is built with the very best memory chips Samsung has to offer. As for that nosebleed-inducing 4,000 MT/s figure, G.Skill says it hit those speeds on an as-yet-unannounced next-generation ASRock motherboard. Four billion transfers per second comes at a price, however: the highest speeds require looser 19-25-25-45 timings and a higher-than-usual 1.4 volts. The Trident Z heat spreaders feature a single-piece design with cooling fins, and they appear to be relatively low-profile.

G.Skill's Ripjaws V DIMMs come in at slightly lower speeds: 2,133 MT/s to 3,733 MT/s. These kits also feature Samsung memory chips, though they're not "hand-screened" as with the Trident Z. The top-end Ripjaws V kits hit 3,733 MT/s with latencies of 17-19-19-39 and 1.35V. Builders can take their pick of red, blue, silver, gunmetal gray, and black heat spreaders.

The two memory families share plenty in common: both families will have kits with capacities ranging from 8GB in a 2x4GB DIMM configuration to 64GB with four 16GB DIMMs. The highest-clocked kits are only available as 16GB across four DIMMs, though. Pricing information isn't available yet, but with the claim to "fastest desktop memory ever" on the line, we're guessing that the highest-end kits won't be cheap.

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