Windows 10's Solitaire games go freemium

In a bold move, Microsoft is paving the way to the future of PC gaming with its expanded Solitaire suite. What's that mean? You have to pay a monthly fee to disable ads. That's right: the three Solitaire games Microsoft has bundled with Windows for years aren't just paid apps now. They're part of a subscription-based service. In fact, after I played a hand to get a feel for the ads, I unlocked an achievement called, "The first one's free." That's great, you guys.

As PCWorld points out, Windows 8 didn't include Microsoft Solitaire Collection by default. Instead, Microsoft chose to put it on the Windows App Store. With Windows 10, Microsoft upped the ante and dealt out a hand of ad-supported Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid and Tri-Peaks.  For $1.49 a month or $9.99 a year, you can again play with by yourself ad-free.

Now what am I going to do when I'm supposed to be working? Welcome to 2015, I guess.

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