Report: new Google Glass is a clip-on model for businesses

The Wall Street Journal has a report on a new version of Google's Glass eyewear, which is apparently targeted exclusively at businesses. According to "people familiar with the situation," Google is pitching the new version at several industries, including health care, manufacturing, and energy.

The new version is described as a clip-on model that can be attached to wearers' own glasses. The insiders also told the WSJ that the new prism can now be vertically adjusted as well as horizontally. According to a previous report by 9To5Google, the new "Enterprise Edition" packs an Intel Atom processor, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a larger prism, and an optional battery pack. 

Right now, the company is distributing kits to developers building custom business apps. WSJ's insiders say a new consumer version was in the cards in late 2014, but eventually Google decided otherwise, moving the Glass team into the Nest division under the umbrella of former Apple executive Tony Fadell. Google reportedly hopes that businesses will begin using this new Glass this fall.

There's still hope for regular users, though. The WSJ says that Google still intends to release a consumer version of the new model some time in the future.

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