Act of Aggression assures mutual destruction next month

What if the Cold War had turned into a white-hot nuclear war? Eugen Systems will try to answer that question with its upcoming real-time strategy game, Act of Aggression, upon its September 2 release. The latest trailer shows off the most advanced weapons in the game:

Act of Aggression pits three military factions against one another in a tense political climate following an incident called the Shanghai Crash. Each of the factions has access to all kinds of near-future technology, from plain old infantry to the superweapons shown off in the above trailer. Each side will also have defensive capabilities that should help prevent games from defaulting to an all-out rush to nukes.

The game promises a strong narrative with plenty of intrigue. The campaign follows the Chimera faction's point of view following the Shanghai Crash. As players progress, they'll unlock additional missions from the Cartel's side, which Eugen System says will offer additional insight into the game's world. The US Army appears to be third faction, but Eugen Systems hasn't detailed its involvement in the story yet.

The trailers and fictional political climate evoke a classic Command and Conquer vibe, and Eugen says the game "hails from the golden era of RTS." The game is currently available on Steam Early Access, and pre-orders there get a 15% discount. 

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