Sound BlasterX G5 USB DAC provides better sound to go

— 9:50 AM on August 4, 2015

Creative has pulled the wraps on its new Sound BlasterX line of products. Most interesting among them is its new USB sound card, the aptly-named Sound BlasterX G5.

The black-and-red box features full 7.1-channel output at 24-bit and 192 kHz. Creative also claims the built-in DAC has a 120 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The G5's headphone amplifier has a 2.2 Ω output impedance, and it can drive headphones with up to 600-Ω impedances, which should be enough to handle any set of cans you plug in. An SB-Axx1 "multi-core" chipset handles hardware-accelerated audio processing, including stereo upmixing and positional audio enchancements.

Creative also includes its Acoustic Engine software, which provides per-game sound customization stored in dedicated audio profiles. Other touches include an illuminated volume knob, dedicated SBX and Scout Mode buttons, and a secondary USB port which can be useful for plugging in keyboards or mice.

The Sound BlasterX G5 will be available in November for $149.99.

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