Z170 mobos from EVGA are ready to play

EVGA isn't sitting out on the Skylake motherboard party today. The company has three motherboards ready for builds with Intel's new enthusiast CPUs.

The fanciest of the lot is the Z170 Classified 4-way. This tricked-out EATX board is built especially for quad-SLI setups, as the name implies, and it appears EVGA has augmented the Z170's complement of PCIe Gen3 lanes with an aftermarket controller to make that possible. EVGA claims this board offers 40 lanes of PCIe connectivity, which should be good for x8 connectivity to each graphics card in quad-SLI. The Classified 4-way also gets dual Intel NICs, Creative onboard audio, and USB 3.1 support (though a Type-C port is notably absent). This board's 24-pin ATX power connector is also edge-mounted, which EVGA says makes for easier cable routing.

Builders without that quad-SLI gleam in their eye can pick between the ATX Z170 FTW and the Mini-ITX Z170 Stinger. Both of these boards come with Intel NICs, Realtek audio, built-in power, reset, and clear CMOS buttons, and onboard LCD temperature monitors. They also have socketed firmware chips, should you fly too close to the sun during overclocking attempts or fall victim to a botched firmware update. Both the FTW and the Stinger lack USB 3.1, though. They also have six and four CPU power phases, respectively, compared to the Classified 4-way's eight.

All of these boards come with EVGA's custom firmware and E-LEET X Windows tuning software. The Z170 Classified 4-way is available today for $400. The Z170 FTW will run you $220, and the Stinger is $200.

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