Google and Samsung will update Android faster after Stagefright

Last week's revelation of the Stagefright Android vulnerability has security-conscious Android users on edge. Fortunately, it looks like Android device makers aren't asleep at the wheel. Google and Samsung have both promised to make security a priority on their phones.

Google's Android blog has the low-down on the new update policy for its Nexus products. Nexus devices with numbers in the name will start receiving a Stagefright-related security update today. Additionally, Google says that starting with this update, it plans to release monthly security updates for its phones and tablets. Google also promises three years of Android security updates and two years of "major" updates for its own devices.

Google will also notify its Android partners of security-related changes so that they can promptly incorporate them into their own updates. Once an issue has been fully disclosed, Google says it will add related patches to the Android Open Source Project so that AOSP-based projects like Cyanogenmod can incorporate them, as well.

Speaking of partners, Samsung has announced its own intention to bring monthly updates to its devices. Android Police reports that Sprint has already rolled out updates for its versions of Samsung's recent flagships, going back to the Galaxy S5. The fact it's the carrier rolling out the updates instead of Samsung releasing them directly is a cause for concern, however. An extra layer sits between those updates and the consumer, and that's never good for device owners.

Samsung's enormous market share aside, there are other Android partners to consider, too. Android Central reports that LG, HTC, and Sony have also promised Stagefright-related updates this month. With so many people keeping so much personal information on their phones, we hope every Android partner gets on board the Monthly Security Update Express.

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