Taste the rainbow with Razer's Deathstalker and Orbweaver Chroma

Seems every company is doing the rainbow-lit peripheral thing these days, and Razer is no exception. The company has announced updates to two of its gaming keyboards, the Darkstalker Chroma keyboard and the Orbweaver Chroma auxiliary keypad.

The Darkstalker Chroma is a full-sized keyboard with 2mm-tall chiclet keys, all lit by RGB LEDs. The lighting is configurable across three zones (main keyboard, cursor section, and numerical pad).  A perforated palmrest should help alleviate sweaty gaming sessions, although it's fixed in place. The keys can be lit with a static color or a variety of animation options. Razer's Synapse software runs the light show, and it also provides macro-recording facilities.

And now for the spidery Orbweaver Chroma. This auxiliary keypad features Razer-designed mechanical switches with a 50g actuation force, the same as that of Cherry's MX Blue switches. The lighting on each of the 30 keys is individually configurable. An additional 8-way joystick provides thumb control. Its hand, thumb, and palm rests are all adjustable, so most gamers should be able to find a good fit for their mitts.

Razer is selling the Darkstalker keyboard right now for $100, while the Orbweaver keypad will arrive on August 14 for $130.

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