See in full Adobe RGB with Philips' Brillance 27" display

When it comes to monitor color these days, most of the world runs on the sRGB gamut, which is the expected range of colors for most monitors, the Web, and consumer printing. Creative professionals might prefer to begin their workflow with a broader range of colors, though, and that's where the wider Adobe RGB gamut comes in. Philips' Brilliance 27" display with "PerfectKolor" (272P for short) can reproduce 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut, as well as 100% of sRGB.

The 272P uses a 2560x1440, 10-bit IPS panel that's claimed to be factory-calibrated. If the factory calibration isn't up to snuff, Philips claims six axes of internal adjustment are available (similar to professional monitors from Dell, for example). Two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a DVI-D input should allow the display to hook up to most workstations without a hitch. Philips says the 272P is available today from online retailers for a suggested price of $900.

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