Elite: Dangerous scans Horizons, finds gameplay expansion

Get in your space suits, gentlemen. Elite: Dangerous is about to get its first paid gameplay expansion, titled Horizons. Developer Frontier calls it a "season of major gameplay expansions," the first of which adds planetary landings to the game's universe. Take a look at the teaser here:

In Horizons' first new feature, players will be able to do low-orbit searches over airless planets and then jump out in a Surface Recon Vehicle. Planetside activities include searching for mineral deposits, structures, and a whole lotta trouble. Multiple players with Horizons can land on the same planet for extra fun. Fret not, though—the rest of Elite: Dangerous' persistent universe remains the same for all players. Frontier says this planet-exploring and terrestrial fighting will happen seamlessly, "without loading times or breaks in gameplay."

Horizons will be released late this year for $60, just in time for Star Citizen's next delay. Frontier is offering a $15 discount to existing players who pre-order, as well as access to the Cobra Mk IV ship. A Lifetime Expansion Pass is also available for $195, offering players access to all future expansions for Elite: Dangerous.

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