Embrace your inner Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft: Legion

Heads up, World of Warcraft junkies: your drug of choice now comes in a new flavor called Legion. The game's latest expansion lets players explore the shores of the Broken Isles to save Azeroth again. Take a peek at the cinematic teaser:

The expansion adds a new hero class called the Demon Hunter, whose lack of eyesight belies its enhanced perception. The Hunters also have enhanced mobility, with double-jumping and diving attacks, and they can transform into "fel forms" which temporarily enhances their base powers.

Legion also features class-specific Order Halls and followers, and perhaps most importantly to the true addicts hardcore players, this expansion raises the player level cap to 110. Check out Blizzard's feature overview video:

There's no official word on a release date, although players can opt into an upcoming beta. Blizzard certainly needs to bring both new and old blood to the game, as WoW's subscriber levels are dwindling. Having said that, World of Warcraft is now close to eleven years old, an achievement in itself.

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