Deals of the week: a 29" ultra-wide IPS monitor for $280 and more

Greetings, fellow gerbils. We just came back from hunting in the plains of Newegg, and here's the catch of the day:

  • First and foremost, there's LG's 29UM67P 29" 21:9 IPS FreeSync monitor for $279.99 with the promo code EMCAWAV23. Yes, you've read that right. Less than three hundred bucks for 29 inches of ultra-wide FreeSync-infused IPS goodness. Don't think much more has to be said.
  • And while we're talking monitors, how about expanding your setup with, I dunno, two more of them? Newegg has a Shell Shocker deal up with a pair of Dell S2240M 21.5" IPS monitors for a mere $209.99. That wall'o'monitors is inching closer. Available while stocks last, so hurry up.
  • Next up, we have a deal on spinning storage. According to Backblaze, HGST drives have always been pretty reliable, and you can grab a HGST 4TB NAS 7,200RPM drive for a mere $149.99 after using the promo code ESCAWAV24.
  • Finally, a possible upgrade for your AMD machine. AMD's A10-7850K APU currently sits at $119.99, after using the promo code EMCAWAV29. This APU's integrated graphics capabilities are far better than any IGP has the right to be, making it a great choice for an upgrade or a budget build.

That's all we have today. If you spot a juicy deal we didn't cover, post it in the comments and let other gerbils in on the fun.

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