Xeons go mobile with Skylake-based E3-1500M series

When one thinks of workstations, a large, powerful desktop usually comes to mind, but it seems that a growing segment of the population wants to work on the go. IDC says mobile workstation shipments grew in the second quarter this year. Perhaps that's why Intel has announced its first-ever mobile Xeon family of processors. 

Intel isn't ready to talk about the Xeon E3-1500M family in detail just yet, but it does say the new CPUs will be based on the Skylake architecture. They'll also sport workstation-friendly features like  ECC memory support and its vPro remote management technology suite will be along for the ride, as well. Mobile Xeons will also serve content creators who need fast external connectivity: systems with these chips are supposed to offer Thunderbolt 3 connectivity through a USB Type-C connector. Intel says vendor certifications for CAD, engineering, and digital content creation applications will be forthcoming, too.

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