Rumor: Apple bends to pressure; iPhone 6S won't

Apple downplayed reports of its iPhone 6 bending under stress more easily than phones from rival companies, but the company may be looking to avoid the same bad press with its sequel. The same YouTuber who originally made Bendgate a thing by bending his iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands claims to have gotten his mitts on the aluminum body of the next iPhone. Unbox Therapy compares the iPhone 6 and alleged iPhone 6S bodies in the following video:

As seems to be Apple's tradition, the "S" version of the prior year's iPhone shares the same basic look outside, with some refinements inside. According to Unbox Therapy, the new body is approximately 0.2mm wider and taller than its predecessor, but the metal surrounding the openings for the volume buttons and mute switch is around 67% thicker than it was on the iPhone 6. Since the area below the volume buttons is where Unbox Therapy's iPhone 6 Plus gave way the fastest, the apparent modifications in the new shell may help prevent phones from bending so easily. 

The report is incomplete, of course—the iPhone 6 was already less malleable than the iPhone 6 Plus. Without a body from the supposed iPhone 6S Plus, it's not possible to draw conclusions about how the more sibilant phablet might withstand abuse. A bend test of the iPhone 6S body—which Unbox Therapy says is coming—won't be the same as actually bending an iPhone 6S with all of its internal components installed and display attached. Even so, we're curious to see how the allegedly improved body performs.

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