Smach Zero plays your Steam library on the go

The Steamboy project unveiled at E3 last year looked interesting, but we noted at the time that the promised 2015 debut seemed ambitious. Now, the Steamboy is back with a new name, a new release date, and some more concrete hardware specs. Polygon has details of the Smach Zero, the handheld Steam OS device that promises to play "more than 1,000 games" from your Steam library.

While the Smach Zero website is completely devoid of any detail, Smach did talk about hardware specs with Polygon at Gamescom. The Zero will have an AMD Steppe Eagle SoC with quad x86 Jaguar cores, GCN-based graphics, 4GB of memory, and 32GB of internal storage that's expandable with a microSD card. That hardware will drive a 5", 720p touchscreen display in a case that looks like the love child of a Sega Game Gear and Valve's Steam controller. As you might expect, Smach says the handheld will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios for portability, and a presumably more expensive Pro version will have cellular connectivity. Polygon reports that the device itself was not on display at the show.

Smach says the Zero will be available for preorder starting November 10 for $299, but it won't actually ship until late 2016. That price is apparently just the preorder price, and Smach wouldn't say how much it would cost at release.

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