Lenovo's P-series ThinkPads pack mobile Xeon power

Intel's just-announced mobile Xeons have already started trickling into mobile workstations—or at least into mobile workstation announcements. Lenovo has unveiled its ThinkPad P series of notebooks with Xeons onboard, starting with the 15" P50 and the 17" P70.

The big difference between the P50 and P70 appears to be the display size. Both of these ThinkPads have 4K IPS displays (or optional 1080p touch panels) driven by Nvidia's Quadro graphics. A built-in X-Rite display calibrator ensures that all of those pixels display accurate colors, too.

The P-series notebooks will support up to 64GB of ECC memory, and they'll come with up to 2 TB of PCI Express flash storage. Thunderbolt 3 is also included for fast external I/O. Lenovo didn't reveal any new details about the Xeon CPUs themselves, though.

All this power doesn't come cheap. The ThinkPad P50 starts at $1,599, and the P70 will start at $1,999. They're both a ways off yet—Lenovo says the P-series will begin shipping in Q4 2015. 

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