Vulkan is about to erupt in Android

Google has chosen Vulkan, the low-overhead variant of OpenGL, as the next-generation graphics API for Android. The company details the new API's benefits in a post on its developer blog. Specifically, it believes that better CPU usage and parallellization will be the key benefits for Android developers, particularly in multithreaded scenarios. For a demonstration of Vulkan's capabilities on mobile-class hardware, check out Imagination Technologies' gnometastic demo.

Vulkan is, of course, the OpenGL counterpart to Microsoft's DirectX 12 and Apple's Metal graphics APIs. Unlike the other two, though, Vulkan is an open standard published by the Khronos Group, comprised of academic and industry members, including Google. In that spirit, the company has pledged to contribute the Vulkan-related tests from the Android Compatibility Test Suite to Khronos. That move could help others to evaluate the quality of Vulkan drivers across a range of platforms.

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