Maxwell comes to more Quadros in the M5000 and M4000

Nvidia has released two Maxwell-based Quadro graphics cards: the M5000 and M4000. These cards broaden the Maxwell-powered Quadro lineup beneath the titanic M6000, which was released last March.

Let's start with a look at the Quadro M5000. This dual-slot card packs 8GB of RAM and 2,048 shader processors (compared to 12GB and 3,072 shader processors in the M6000.) Its memory bus is 256 bits wide, and a total of 211 GB/s of bandwidth is on tap. The M5000 also has ECC RAM support, a feature that was only available in the range-topping M6000 until now. Four DisplayPort 1.2 outputs are available, as is one dual-link DVI port.

Meanwhile, the single-slot Quadro M4000 looks ready to slot into tighter spaces. Like its dual-slot cousin above, this card has 8GB of VRAM on a 256-bit bus. It only has 1,664 shader processors, and it also lacks the higher-end models' ECC RAM support. This card eschews the DVI port, but it retains four DisplayPort connectors. The slim cooler and 120W TDP could be a good fit for smaller workstations.

As one would expect from Quadro cards, the rest of the feature set is workstation-class: 10-bit color output, support for SLI, multiple-GPU frame synchronization with Quadro Sync, and GPUDirect data transfer acceleration are all on the table. Buyers will also enjoy ISV certification and special-sauce Quadro drivers optimized for applications like SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

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