Samsung unveils a trio of NVMe SSDs with 3D V-NAND

Samsung has added three new NVMe SSDs to its stable. The new drives use the company's 3D V-NAND flash, and they're meant to fill several roles in OEM and business deployments.

Let's kick off with the PM953, which you might actually be able to use at home. This puppy is an update to Samsung's SM951, and it's targeted at data centers, mobile worksations, slim notebook PCs, and high-end desktops. The PM953 will be available in two form factors: as an M.2 drive, it will carry 480GB or 960GB of storage, while the 2.5" SATA Express version can pack 480 GB, 960 GB, or 1.92 TB, respectively.

Next up is the PM1633. This model hooks up to a 12 Gb/s SAS interface, making it a little more business-y than the PM953. Samsung says this drive can do up to 160,000 random IOPS and 18,000 write IOPS, while its claimed sequential read and write speeds are 1.1 GB/s and 1.0 GB/s respectively. PM1633 drives will be available in sizes ranging from 480GB to 3.84TB.

We saved the best for last, the almighty PM1725. This drive is available both as a half-height, half-length PCIe card and a 2.5" unit, and it'll come in 3.2 TB and 6.4 TB flavors. If that wasn't enough, the PM1725 will do up to 1 million random read and up to 120,000 write IOPS. Its sequential speeds are also impressive: 5.5 GB/s reads and 1.8 GB/s writes. Samsung also says the 6.4 TB version can endure 32 TB of writes per day for a period of five years.

Samsung says the drives are available immediately, but there's no info on prices just yet.

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