3D V-NAND chips grow to 48 layers with 256Gb per die

Hot on the heels of Toshiba's 48-layer BiCS flash, Samsung has introduced 48-layer 3D V-NAND flash of its own. These flash chips pack 256Gb (32GB) per die, using what Samsung calls "3-bit MLC"—or TLC to the rest of us. Samsung says the new chips will double the capacity of its SSD lineup, and it also expects the new chips to pave the way for multi-terabyte SSDs.

Not only can these chips hold more data, they can also use less power while doing so. Samsung claims that the 256Gb, 48-layer chips are good for a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to the prior generation of 128Gb, 32-layer V-NAND chips. The company also claims that the new chips are good for a 40% better yield during production on existing equipment, an increase that it expects to "bring much enhanced cost-competitiveness to the SSD market."

Samsung says it plans to produce the higher-capacity V-NAND "throughout the remainder of 2015"—and beyond, presumably. 

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