It's good to be bad in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

"Remember, Sire, never trust anything that's head-height with your groin." The Overlord series of games is back with a new title, called Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. Here's the anouncement trailer, brought to you by the Minionstry of Information:

Back in 2007, Overlord blessed us with a mix of real-time strategy and role-playing, drenched in Rhianna Pratchett's witty writing and dark humor. In fact, one could say that Overlord had cool minions before minions were cool. The game got a sequel in 2009, and now we're being treated to something a little different.

Fellowship of Evil maintains the series' mix of strategy and combat, and Pratchett is again at the pen. This time around, though, players get to wreak havoc not with one, but four distinct Overlords. Like the previous titles in the series, the game features a single-player campaign, but the big new feature is cooperative multiplayer. "Cooperative" apparently has a volatile meaning in Fellowship of Evil, though—players can either help or hinder each other according to their evil discretion. No word yet on when you'll be able to double-cross your frenemies yet, though: Codemasters hasn't set a release date.

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