EK Predator all-in-one liquid coolers could rule the food chain

All-in-one liquid coolers have certainly made a big splash in the cooling market, but none have looked quite as tricked-out as a new pair of coolers from EK Waterblocks. The company says it raided its custom parts arsenal to build its Predator 240 and Predator 360 all-in-one units. The Predator 240 unsurprisingly uses a 240-mm radiator, while the Predator 360 exchanges heat with a 360-mm one.

The Predator 240

The heart of the Predator coolers is a DDC 6W pump, which EK says is good for flow rates two to three times greater than other AIO units. The pump is also PWM-controllable, for variable-speed operation. That's a nice perk that could allow the pump to run more quietly at idle. The radiators are copper-cored, a material choice that might allow for better heat transfer versus all-aluminum units.

The Predator 360

Unlike most all-in-ones, which are sealed units that are never meant to be filled or modified by the owner, the Predators are built with threaded fittings and off-the-shelf, 10-mm tubing, which the company says makes these coolers fully expandable. The Predator 360 even has a quick-disconnect fitting built into one of its hoses for easy expansion of the loop without draining the system. EK says it'll offer an optional graphics card water block with compatible fittings to go with the Predator 360 when it's launched.

With bones like those, it's no surprise that the Predator coolers won't come cheap. EK will sell the Predator 240 for $200 starting September 23, while the Predator 360 will run you $240 when it arrives on October 19. Both coolers are for Intel sockets only, though AMD-compatible versions are apparently planned for a 2016 release.

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