Star Citizen's Arena Commander module is free to play this weekend

TEN-HUT, pilots! Star Citizen commander Chris Roberts has given all you maggots the opportunity to fly in a ship this weekend with no payments or push-ups necessary. To get your flight suit, head over to the sign-up location and hand over the "Gamescom2015" coupon at the entrance. And no side trips through the mess hall—your ships can barely take off as it is!

The commander is making this test flight available to you all as a celebration of the Gamescom 2015 conference, and your can obtain your pass until August 14. You will be granted access to the Arena Commander dogfighting module, and your flight pass will be valid until August 17. Now get out there and make the squadron proud!

Update: Star Citizen's devs have extended the free flying time until Wednesday, August 19.

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